sap audit log tcode

You can set them dynamically and once set they overwrite the values of the profile parameters. See FAQ Note item [4]. You do not want to log these events. If you can defines positive and negative filters for user groups see note then you can create filters for user groups like SUPER instead. Filter: Activate everything for other support and emergency users, e. If you can defines filters for user groups then you can create filters for corresponding user groups instead.

This user should not be used in dialog mode. The user field accepts pattern characters as well see note :. The detail view allows you to create an HTML-based event definition print list including the full documentation.

This list shows the details about all filter slots. RFC callback note See note for more information about these messages. This list is a snapshot — check it in your system — with a comparison between releaseand Some of the new messages may be added with or with downports already.

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Use the information with care as storage and format can change with newer releases. As of release 7. The administrative information is fixed, however, there exist 2 record formats depending on the existence of the additional field SLGLTRM2.

This leads to the following file format:. See note for details. A malicious user could spoof the terminal ID easily.This report allows you to log all the infotype changes being performed. The below document explains how to configure the same for OM and PA infotypes. In this activity, we mention all the infotypes that the user wants to view the log for. Also, we mention what all fields the user wants to log. Maintain the Infotypes to be logged as below:.

SM37 Monitoring Background Job in SAP

If any particular field needs to be logged, mention the same in Field Name Column. This will log all the relevant fields of the infotype. After configuration of the above steps, whatever master changes are done will be logged by this report. Previous changes will not be triggered:.

sap audit log tcode

Former Member. Posted on October 16, 2 minute read. Steps to Configure Infotype Audit Report. Follow RSS feed Like. Maintain the Infotypes to be logged as below: Save the entries, and go back. Now double click on HR documents: Field group definition Maintain the entries as shown below and Save: If any particular field needs to be logged, mention the same in Field Name Column. Save the entries.

Next Step is to double click on HR documents: Field group characteristics After configuration of the above steps, whatever master changes are done will be logged by this report. Previous changes will not be triggered: Double click on this and you shall get details as shown below: 2. Alert Moderator. Assigned tags. Related Blog Posts. Related Questions. You must be Logged on to comment or reply to a post.

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February 6, at am. Like 0.Audit trail records the time a change was made, and the value. You can use audit trail for the following monitors:.

In the standard system, the checkbox is selected for all key figures for which you can use the audit trail function. The key figures for which the audit trail is available depends on the application. In a replenishment monitor, audit trail is available for the following key figures:. The business scenario and the replenishment monitor determine which key figures are available in the replenishment monitor. In the SNI monitor, audit trail is available for the following key figures:.

In the order forecast monitor, audit trail is available for the following key figures:. You specify how far into the past you want the system to display the change history. To do so, enter a number of days. The audit trail screen shows when an object, for example, a key figure, was changed within the specified period.

You determine the period for which you want to analyze key figures or stock figures. The audit trail screen displays the logged changes to key figures or stock values for this time bucket. The audit trail shows all changes to inventory and key figure values within the defined time bucket in the past.

The column titles indicate the time at which the change was made on a certain date. The system shows the values of all key figures in a column, even if only one key figure has changed and the others remain unchanged. You can also display the changes to the key figures and to the inventory that were recorded by the audit trail in a graphical view.

You can call the audit trail function from the detailed screens and product view of the monitors and from the Web menu under:. Replenishment Tracking. At the end of January, you know that you and your suppliers have frequently changed the key figures in the SNI Monitor.SAP Tcodes audit. Premium Members Only Results. Become a Premium Member to view these results. Start your Free Trial. Evaluate New audit Trail.

Analysis of Security audit Log. Basis - Security. Security audit Configuration. Basis - Retention Warehouse. Reorganize Security audit Log. Cross Application - Audit Management. Evaluation of audit Trail. LO - Electronic Data Records.

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ALE audit : statistical analyses. Obsolete: audit Information System. Display audit Events Batch Proc. Basis - System Audit Information System.

SAP Audit Tcodes – Main T-code Audit in SAP

Reorganizing the audit database. IS - Administration. OI Bal. Document File. FI - Basic Functions. ALE audit : Sending the confirmations. RMA audit Trail. BW - Retail Stock Ledger. Payroll audit trail PY - South Africa. Basis - Profile Maintenance. Sales audit Editor. SD - Basic Functions. Printing: Analysis form data audit.SAP Tcodes audit log. Premium Members Only Results. Become a Premium Member to view these results. Start your Free Trial.

Analysis of Security audit log. Basis - Security. Reorganize Security audit log. Configure Security audit log. Security audit Configuration. Basis - Dictionary Maintenance. Basis - User and Authorization Management. Online System log Analysis.

Read Security audit log. Basis - Profile Maintenance. Evaluate New audit Trail. Maintain log ging Setting. Basis - Retention Warehouse. Configuration of log ging.

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LO - Electronic Data Records. MM - Inventory Management.The goal of the SAP audit log is to capture all audit and security relevant actions. The audit log will capture actions performed in the system. It will not only capture the actions, but also the user ID and terminal ID. This makes the tool a bit of a big brother is watching you tool. Auditors are normally used to dealing with sensitive topics. For this reason access to audit log should only be given to persons who understand the sensitivity and people privacy.

This includes in giving information to managers extracted from the audit log. Unfortunately these parameters are not dynamic, which means a system restart is required to activate these parameters.

The audit log filters are used to filter events. If you select all events this will cause logging shadow and make the function unreliable. SAP has multiple clients. Theand client are only used by system admins.

sap audit log tcode

This will not cause too many entries. Using transaction SE92 you can get a more easy overview of the settings definitions as provided by SAP for the audit log details. By default the audit logging is not updated after an upgrade. Therefore it is wise to check for new items added to the audit log after an upgrade. If too much items are selected in the filters the audit logging will grow very fast. If the audit log is full, it will start to overwrite the earlier entries.

The earlier entries are then lost. This is called logging shadow. On large SAP systems with multiple application servers, the file handling can cause issues. If the system is setup using shared files and the names of the profile configuration per application server for the file name is identical, this will cause nasty issue. The issue is that the audit logging from several application servers will overwrite each other entries.

This is hard to detect. Based on the settings in OSS note — Integrity protection format for Security Audit Logyou can switch on the audit logging integrity. This way you can prove nobody tampered with the audit log.

SAP User Login History Tables (different methods) and Logon User-exit

But this also means you cannot read the audit logfile on file level or by any third party tool. Please consider this carefully and read the note about other effects and prerequisites first before switching on.

Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.As of Release 4. This log is a tool designed for auditors who need to take a detailed look at what occurs in the SAP System.

By activating the audit log, you keep a record of those activities that you specify for your audit. You can then access this information for evaluation in the form of an audit analysis report. The Security Audit Log provides for long-term data access. The audit files are retained until you explicitly delete them. Currently, the Security Audit Log does not support the automatic archiving of the log files; however, you can manually archive them at any time. You can record the following information in the Security Audit Log:.

The audit files are located on the individual application servers. You specify the location of the files and their maximum size in the following profile parameters:.

SAP SM20 (Analysis of Security Audit Log) Transaction codes(Tcode)

Profile Parameters for the Security Audit Log. Activates the audit log on an application server. Specifies the location of the audit log on the application server. Specifies the maximum length of the audit log. Specifies the number of selection slots for the audit.

You specify the activities that you want to log in filters using the transaction SM You can read the log using the transaction SM You can delete old logs with the transaction SM For examples of typical filters used, see Example Filters.

Profile Parameter. Standard or Default Value.

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